Automatically Send E-mail when Rise Course is Completed

Nov 18, 2021


I have a question regarding sending e-mails from Articulate Rise. Is there a way in Articulate Rise to send a canned (generically worded) e-mail automatically from Rise when a learner completes a course? Or manually if this is not possible?



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Paul Schneider

There isn't any way any authoring tool (not connected to server back end) could auto send an email - but you could potentially send info to a "widget" to send an email - the idea to use MS Power Automate for spaced learning sounds like a good one. Would love to hear more about that if you make some progress - I've not implemented any PA yet, but have been liking what I read about it.

Brian Dombrowski

Thanks for responding and for your suggestion, Paul. The other thing I am thinking about is seeing if I can embed a Storyline block with a button that sends an e-mail when the user clicks on it.  I am not sure if it will work, but am going to check it out.

I am not very familiar with PA, but my guess is it can automate the spacing of the learning. The key though is to figure out a way to fire off an e-mail once a Rise course is completed. Otherwise I don't think the PA piece of this will be useful.