Best Practices for Rise (for Mobile)

Sep 01, 2022


Currently, our courses are built in Rise and optimized for usage on desktop.  We are now working to create courses using Rise and optimizing it for usage on mobile. 

Are there some best practices that we should follow? 

As an example, during my initial testing, I recognized that sorting activity with 80 character limit works well on desktop but not on mobile.  And while searching these forums and I found an explanation here for the same as shown below.  

"Hi Anastasia! Because of limited screen space on smartphones, each item can have up to three lines of text when viewed in portrait mode, which could be fewer than 80 characters of text. If you're using custom fonts, you may see fewer than three lines.

You can preview sorting activities in Rise 360 and switch to mobile portrait mode to make sure all your text displays correctly."

If there is an article that covers such best practices, that would save me time in trial and error!

Looking forward to your help!



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John Morgan

Hi, Payal!

I have some resources for best practices for mobile! It includes subjects like font size and image recommendations! The links are below!

I hope these get you where you need to be! Thanks for reaching out!