Branching from Storyline to Rise

May 29, 2020

Hi everyone

I'm trying to set up a pre course test, which I've done in Storyline, but then takes the learner in one of two ways depending upon the score they achieve. I've got all that set up, but since my main content is in Rise and already created, I want the branching to take learners into the Rise content.

What I've tried doing is adding a URL link to the trigger, which will jump the learner to the required Rise block, but when I put the Storyline content into my Rise course it doesn't work as I had intended. I had hoped that it would jump into Rise and the relevant block, but whilst the URL works, it opens it up in the Storyline window, rather than into a Rise block (if that makes sense).

I have used Rise to create links between blocks, but there isn't the way to hide the branching and gives the learner the control of what they do next, which at this point we don't want to do.

Does anyone know if there's a way I can create the test, and then branch learners automatically between the Storyline content into the Rise content, so that it actually opens the Rise block?

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