Branding Training in Rise

I am creating multiple training courses for a very large project using Rise 360. My superiors are asking that the training be branded with our logo more prominently. 

I can't seem to find a conducive way to brand the course. The logo has words, so adding it to the theme photo where it will show in the square above the table of contents progress does not work at all, since that square also has words (the name of the course)

I tried to make my profile picture the logo, so it would show on all the courses, but it's extremely small doing it that way. 

Has anyone found a successful way to brand with a logo throughout training courses?

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Jessica,

I'm not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for, but one option might be to include an Image & Text block as the first block in your course. By placing the logo on the left and some introductory text on the right, you can effectively brand your course with a significantly larger logo than the current logo or profile options provide.

You obviously won't have it visible throughout the course, but if you wanted to, you could have it at the start of every section, if it was deemed necessary. Personally, I think that a large logo at the start is all that is needed.

If you then saved that block as a template, it would be very easy to add it to all your courses and simply edit the text, thus ensuring that your courses were not only branded, but that the branding was also consistent in its appearance.

Hope this helps

Doug Emes

Sure, I am trying to use any of the pre-built Ericsson Corporate approved logo's for our internal coursework.  I also have access to the scalable vector graphic of our "ECON" (our nomenclature for the Ericsson Icon, the three positive slope rounded lines.)  I know RISE does not currently support .svg, but it seems that none of my image formats will upload, as RISE rejected any uploads I attempted.  When I am building a new course, under the section

You can brand your course with your organization's identity by showing your company name or logo. Upload a custom logo below: your logo appears in the upper left corner of your course index.

It was rejecting any and all valid image files (jpg/png/you name it.)  Today it is working, even with that same logo_43 file (which was not working last week.)