Can I add an image background to a Lesson title in Rise?

Dec 11, 2020

I would like to add a background image to the lesson title, like the "cover" image for the course. The white background of the lesson title looks very stark, so I'd like to start with a motivational image, but I don't want to use real estate at the beginning by adding an image block.

Is this possible?



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Hazel Bartolome

Good news everyone! 

You can now add images to lesson headers. Please click on Themes>Lesson Headers

If you'd like to use an image as your header, select the Image style and choose an image from the Content Library or upload one of your own. Modify the existing image by hovering over it and clicking Edit Image to access additional menu options.


Karl Muller

Hi Hazel,

Based on my experimentation, it seems that we are able to select a single image that will be applied to the header/title area of all Lessons within the course.

While that is an improvement, a single image that is selected at course level serves more of a stylistic purpose than anything else. 

The ideal would be to select an image per Lesson, so that you can use an image that relates to the content of that specific Lesson.