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I try to personnalize a button using the "button" function in Rise and I'm unable to figure how to change the colour of the text in the button. I can change the background-color of the row, the background-color of the button but not the text-color of the button.

Is it possible? If yes, how?

I tried with firefox and Chrome, last versions.

Thanks for your help,

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Mary Montgomery

Has this been updated? I don't see a way to change the color of button text but this is something that would be very helpful for accessibility. 

Buttons in Rise with white text fail the WCAG color contrast at AA and AAA for normal and large text when it is white text on bright and even some dark colors.

I have a whole theme designed and the color with black print that I am using passes all of the WCAG contrast standards but white text on the same color fails all of them. See the images attached, they are from the WebAIM Contrast Checker.

Guess I should have started by checking the buttons. If I could change the button text to black it would pass and save me time that I now have to use to rework my design with a color that will pass. 

Are there any other ways to make this work?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mary!

I can understand how white text on a button would be an accessibility issue, especially depending on the button's color. While there isn't a way to change the button text color or formatting right now, I will certainly bring this up with our Product team. I'll send you an update if we make adjustments that will help you!