Change launch url when publishing as CMI5

May 17, 2023

With Storyline when you are publishing as CMI5 you can change the launch URL so that the actual content lives outside of the CMI5 zip file. I don't see a comparable option when publishing to CMI5 within Rise360.  Does anyone know how to change this? 


The goal is to have the content live on a web server and publish the CMI5 file to the LMS (CMI5 references and launches the content from its location on the web server) so that learners can launch the course from the LMS and all the tracking can still occur. So it would work sort of like AICC with remote content.

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Christopher Santos

Hi Michael,

Rise doesn't have the option to specify a launch URL similar to Storyline.  When being called from an LMS, it will always point to indexapi.html, which is located in the scormdriver folder.

I understand you will want to host the course content on a web server.  Is there a reason why the course can't be hosted directly in your LMS?

Michael Monahan

The LMS vendor (Oracle) is a direct competitor to the vendor providing learning content (Epic) and the content vendor has intellectual property concerns. They don’t want the published content stored on Oracles cloud storage. But, they don’t offer a solution, just access to the source files for the learning that we can compile into SCORM, CMI5, etc.

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Christopher Santos

Hi Mike,

I was checking the cmi5.xml file (found in the root directory of the course package), and I saw this URL tag that contains the path to the launch file (as shown below).


Can you check if this will serve your purpose of specifying your launch URL?  I'm not sure if this will work based on your intention, but it's worth a try.

Hazel Bartolome

Hi Michael! Sorry to hear that you cannot locate the scormdriver folder. If you are seeing index.html then you may be publishing your course to Web.

Please republish your RIse course, select the LMS option when you publish, and then from the dropdown choose cmi5. Once you open that file, you will find a scormdriver folder.

Angelo Cruz

Hello Michael! I understand you are not seeing the "scormdriver" folder within your zipped cmi5 output.

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the contents of your published output after unzipping it? Is it the same if you publish other Rise 360 courses to cmi5? What about if you publish the course to AICC or Scorm 2004?