Change this - also make sure the rules for GUI doesnt allow this in further development

Hello, please change the trashcan that pops up dangerously close to the arrow.
This cannot be good GUI design practice.
Makes sure the trash can is visible at all times and not close to Navigational gui.
Navigational elements and user action/decision elements, need to be separated.
Rise gui - no-no

Thank you for listening

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Karl Muller

There is a similar issue with multiple choice questions.

I was editing a choice/distractor for a MCQ and the text was very long. While trying to select the last word in the sentence, I accidentally clicked the delete icon.

If there is no other place to put these icons, add a "are you sure?" confirmation step

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Overall, the rise environment needs to be overhauled for important gui/navigational  detail and consistancy. But i personally expect this in such a new product with good pace on adding new useful features or aligning feature set from storyline360 capabilities.
Reflection based on user feedback doesnt happen on day one.