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Gerry McAteer

I also agree that you can use Rise to create other useful items such as job aids, quick reference guides, procedure documents, etc. One thing which I do find annoying is that when you launch the item you see the words ‘Your course is loading’ which is confusing if the item is not an actual course.
Good news is that you can change this text, however there is a few steps you need to take.
1. Publish your final version of the item and save to a folder on your hard drive. (so you have a zip file).

2. Extract the zip file into a new folder.

3. Depending on how you have published the file web or LMS you need to find the lib folder.

4. Inside the lib folder locate the main.bundle.js file.

5. Right click on this file and select ‘open with…’ (you need to use a text editor, in this case I am using Notepad)

6. From the menu, select Edit>>Find I typed ‘is loading’ in the Find what: text box

7. Keep clicking next until you find the text “Your course is loading.”

8. Now enter the text you want to replace it with. Ensure you keep the quotation marks.

9. Save and close the file.

10. Rezip all the folders/files.


Now your new text will be displayed when you launch the file.

Erin Walker

Hello team, Are there any updates regarding the label "Your Course is Loading" being added to the Custom Course Labels?

I appreciate Gerry providing the workaround, however, this is not efficient considering the number of courses our team translates (approx. 26 courses localized in 14 languages). And during QA, sometimes we are publishing multiple times just for one course. 

Unless this was simply an oversight (which I doubt because so much time has passed since this thread) I'm curious to understand why this label is not available in the Custom Course Labels section. After all, this label is still part of the course, regardless if it starts before the course. 

Thank you, and Happy Friday (eve)!