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Efrat Maor

I think you got it wrong, and that their intention was very simple - to show a piece of code, and to alow for copying it for reuse.
To be used in courses that teach coding...

There is no way to currently add any code into Rise, from wriiten answers in other threads. But is is on the roadmap. 
The main issue is that adding codes - that will work well on all\most browsers and all\most devices - is very complex. And the current solution is more into simplifying the rapid authoring for mobile...

Brian Allen

I agree with Efrat, this is my opinion as well as far as what this is intended to be, just a way to show a piece of code.

With that being said, I also agree with James in that it really is misplaced if that's the case and shouldn't be under multimedia if it's purely text treatment.

In my opinion, for what it's worth, Rise is almost perfect the way it is. If I have more complex needs and want to add code and web objects and a bunch of the other stuff I'm seeing then I may as well use Storyline, which is geared for the more complex course development.

David Shaw

Thanks Majd,

That sounds like a great solution and we were heading that way ourselves, so nice to know we're on the right track. We're interested in increasing the interactivity of Rise (eg, playing simple SCORM content (such as 360 quizzes etc) within Rise)... crazy I know (lot's of rabbit holes (just like my use of brackets)). 

We're struggling to get it to be responsive using our rad iframe coding. Have you had any success doing that sort of thing? We're thinking more naked embed codes such as using prezi, google slides or H5P as a possible solution if we can't get articulates to play nicely within iframes.

Rise is very exciting and I really like your thinking and solution because to be frank, I have no hope of getting code snippet to work for me.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ames,

Thanks for chiming into this discussion! We've seen folks have success embedding published Storyline and Studio files into Rise using this embed code in an Embed/URL block or lesson:

<iframe src="Insert Your URL to the story.html Here"></iframe>

Let us know if you're having trouble embedding your published project, and we'll point you in the right direction!

Ann Dyellig

Alyssa, thank you --  inserting your code with my snippet inside works well.

However, the intended video plays when I open the Lesson it is in -- even tho it is at the bottom of the things in that Lesson. Is there a way to play it only when clicked on?

I want to build a video library of sorts within a Lesson -- but I assume numerous videos would play simultaneously.

Any ideas on this?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ann! 

Since my last post in this thread, we've added Storyline Blocks which make it much easier to embed Storyline content in Rise! You might want to explore that option rather than using an iFrame code.

And to prevent multiple videos from playing at the same time, try inserting a Continue Block between each embedded Storyline file. That will force the learner to click a button before the video will play. 

I hope that helps!

Martin Dean

I am trying to embed an iframe and RISE is not allowing the embed; saying "Please enter a valid URL or iFrame".  The embed statement works ok elsewhere.  Any suggestions as to why this would be?

Here is the embed statement:

<IFRAME WIDTH="640" HEIGHT="360" SRC="https://sandbox5.luma.one/embed/?id=9D585E78383D401189FACA35F59577F3" FRAMEBORDER="0" ALLOW="autoplay; encrypted-media" ALLOWFULLSCREEN></IFRAME>


Is there any way of displaying GIFs in Rise? I wanted to include small "videos" but they're not long enough to justify uploading them as mp4 and forcing learners to press the play button on each one of them. I thought I could put them using the code snippet function but I realize now from reading this thread that it doesn't work that way.

Any suggestions?