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Nicole Legault

Hi Brandy!

Welcome and thanks for posting your first question here in the E-Learning Heroes community.

The color of markers in the Labeled Graphic block is controlled by the course accent color. To change the accent color, pop into your settings (in the top right corner of your course), click the Customize Theme button, then select the accent color you want.

Here’s a tutorial to help you out: Customize the Theme Colors in Rise

If you’d like to see an ability to make the labeled graphic markers a unique color that’s different from the accent color, please do submit a feature request here. We love to hear feedback from our customers!

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Brian Waters

I wish to second this request for a way to change the marker colours at will. If you have a basically white background and add markers, the default position is white circle. when clicked on the marker changes to the accent colour, but that doesn't help the eye to see them in the first place.  The other issue I have is that if you change the accent colour you change the accent colour for EVERYTHING throughout the whole course, such as the initial line divider, and any other accents in the course. I just want to be able to change the colour of markers in hotspot images.