Company looking into 2 possible LMS - help on decision making

Jan 10, 2019

I work for a small company. Besides the training department wanting an LMS, other parts of our company are starting to get on board and have come up with two possible options. 

For training, we currently use Articulate Rise. 

I was wondering if anyone out there had experience or suggestions in regards to these two LMS options. 

I am about to do further research myself, but was hoping to see if anyone had any firsthand experiences.


Anna Taylor

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A wordpress site + Learndash LMS plug in is an affordable solution. I'd recommend getting the Tin Canny Reporting plug in to go along with it to upload your Rise courses. I just got finished building out an entire site and did a lot of research searching for an LMS that would support Rise. 

Kajabi is very good if you're going to sell the courses because they have a marketing pipeline built in, but I think it's quite pricey.

Teachable doesn't support xAPI or SCORM - all of which you need if you wish to track progress for students.

Basically, there's a ton of solutions of there and a lot of them cost a bunch of money. Learndash was what I decided to go with because it was pretty easy to get started and didn't break the bank. If you don't know Wordpress, you may need to hire someone to build you a simple site. This site is incredible for finding Wordpress experts. I won't go anywhere else after my experience.

Eileen Fernandez-Parker


Thank you for sharing that information and saving the rest of us a ton of time. I already purchased Teachable for the year. It is still cheaper than the other options, but it is also limited in functionality especially with SCORM packages. I'm hoping they will see the need for this to stay competitive. We'll see.

Thanks again,

Mastery Network

No problem. I've spent so many hours looking and researching, so I empathize that it's difficult to make a decision as there are so many options. The first thing to really look for is if they support xAPI or SCORM (preferably xAPI) if it's important for you to use Articulate as a course authoring software. If all you're doing is text, images, and videos, a lot of those LMSs already have that capability built-in so you can just build directly in the LMS rather than using Articulate.

I love Articulate because it allows me to create unique, interactive courses that require more than just videos.

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