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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jason,

If you add a Logo into Rise it'll appear in the top left corner of the course index (the listing just below the cover photo and Start Course button). 

If you're looking to have it appear throughout the entire course could you use it as the Cover photo instead? You can adjust the title as well to list the Company vs. the course title and that will display throughout the course in the top right hand corner. 

Adam Schwartz

I had an idea if it's a requirement to put your company name and logo on top of every lesson. (Seems like an odd requirement, but who knows...)

So what you is before you export your course, you temporarily change your Articulate ID. You change your name to your company name and you change your avatar to your company's Twitter avatar. Then you export your course. After you export, just remember to change your Articulate ID back to your personal name and avatar.

Here's three mockups to show you what it looks like:

AVIS Example
Twitter Example
Nike Example

Raquelle Caras

That's an interesting way to go about it.  Can we request an enhancement that allows us to change the Author to a generic name just like in the above examples so it shows up in the Author drop-down?  It would be great to use something like "AVIS Learning & Development" to help build internal brand recognition.