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Morning all,   I had the same problem this morning but managed to find a working solution.  I did my "Text to Speech" in Storyline and then exported it as an audio file, which I then successfully managed to insert into Rise 360 and it works 100%.  Hope this helps somebody out there...

Thor Melicher

Although Rise 360 doesn’t have Text to Speech built in, why not go to the source that is used in Storyline 360, Amazon Polly voices?  It is a bit slower though since you have to create a file one at a time and then load into Rise 360. 

If you want to speed up that process, you can try an application for Windows 10 that I wrote that should make the process much faster.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Get an Amazon Polly account (yes, there is some cost involved but doesn’t seem that prohibitive) (https://aws.amazon.com/polly/)
  2. Save your scripts as separate files (MS-Word or Text)
  3. Download HeroVoice TTS from the Microsoft Windows Store (fully functioning 15-day free trial)
  4. Encode your files with HeroVoice TTS
  5. Load each audio file into Rise 360

It’s really that simple!

HeroVoice TTS supports many of the requests that I’ve seen on the Storyline forums:

  • Adjust the overall speed of your files with one setting
  • Adjust the overall pause duration for commas
  • Add your own SSML tags to get more finer nuanced, naturally sounding results
  • Neural voices