Cornerstone LMS + IE11 = Data not reporting

I know that there have been several discussions regarding IE11 and compatibility mode and issues with Rise in an LMS.

Our team is experiencing a related issue in Cornerstone LMS where the course is viewable but never reports the pass/fail back to the LMS. It does NOT seem to be forcing any compatibility mode, the data just doesn't report.

We are using AICC and have tried all the associated export options. None of them work (Pass/fail, Complete/incomplete etc).

Any insight would be appreciated!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Greg.  We have an issue reported where you would see an error message when viewing Rise AICC output in Internet Explorer 11:  ERROR - LMS did not return a valid status code.

Does that match what you're seeing?

Do your learners have other browsers that they can use to view the content until we are able to update you with a fix?

Jason Mann

There were no visual errors at all. The LMS just doesn't update with any results. As if the user never participated in or completed the module in any way.

Visually the Rise module displays and the user is able to complete both the content and any quiz questions - just no reporting back to the LMS.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jason,

Sorry to hear that this is still troubling you - I can't say for certain with Cornerstone, but if you're able to test it in SCORM Cloud, that's another good way to confirm what is causing the behavior and help give Cornerstone more info to help troubleshoot. 

Please let us know if you need anything else.