Course Codes and Course Descriptions in Rise360

Apr 25, 2019

Rise seems to lack the feature to include a course code and course description in the project that would be part of the published ZIP file uploaded to the LMS.

Does it actually exist, or am I just not seeing it?

We've made good use out of course codes when working with projects, but not every LMS seems to use/require them.

What thoughts or ideas do you have regarding course codes?

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Shiloh Silverman

Just wanted to check on this, is there still not a way to add an internal-only course code to a Rise course? It would be used to match course assets, course in Rise, and published course on LMS. Without it, we have some courses that have the same title, but have customer-specific videos/images in them and it gets really confusing to keep track without a course code.

Teresa Vanderpost

I would like to see this as well.  Every time I have to upload a new version of a RISE zip file to my LMS it erases my course code and description that I had to manually write in.  So the code and description must exist somewhere in the zip file as it is pulling something into these fields which essentially erases what I wrote.  For example:  In my code field it takes out my code and puts in "articulate_rise"  and in my Description field it erases all my course information I wrote and replaces it with just the word "Description".  Would be curious if someone knows where that might be pulling from and if it is something we could update within the zip file.  Preferably would like to see it in the Export settings one day :)


Paul Zamora

Have you tried manually coding the imsmanifest.xml (Manifest page) and just adding the description after the title?
It goes right after the title code tags:

<langstring xml:lang="x-none">Course Title</langstring>

<langstring xml:lang="x-none">Course Description</langstring>

Of course, you would only want to add this on your final version because every republish will overwrite this.  I've manually coded scorm manifest files for years, especially to correct some bugs with certain LMS's uploads/intakes of courses from Articulate.