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Jun 12, 2024

My cover page from a Rise module will not show in my LMS when uploaded.  Any ideas how this can be fixed?  I have my cover page selected in Theme. In Publish/LMS the Hide Cover Page toggle is selected to off.  Any help would be appreciated!  Thank you!!

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Luciana Piazza

Hi Brandon, 

Thanks for reaching out regarding the cover page not showing up within your LMS. 

  •  Is this behavior happening on more than one Rise 360 course within your LMS? 
  • Do you experience this same behavior in SCORM Cloud
    • If it works in SCORM Cloud, then the issue could be specific to your LMS, and it would be a good idea to reach out to your LMS admin for assistance.

If you're also seeing the issue in SCORM Cloud, please open a support case here, and we'll work with you closely to fix the issue.

Looking forward to hearing from you!