Creating a Learning Journal in Articulate RISE

Mar 23, 2023

There has been quite a bit of discussion over several years on this site about the best way to create a learning journal in RISE and the solutions offered have been quite difficult to implement. I'm pleased to say that we have (subject to a couple of restrictions I will mention later) developed a method of doing this which we think is relatively easy to use.

The challenge with doing this is RISE is that, unlike Storyline, RISE doesn't have variables. You can  use Storyline Blocks to collect the learner's details and notes at various stages of the course but, when you exit the block the variables are lost. Returning to the block you find they have been reset.

Our solution uses 'local storage' in the browser to save the variables during the session so they are available at the end of the course and can be inserted into a 'Learning Journal' at the end of the course.

NOTE: It does work if the learner exits the course and then 'resumes' it. The variables are stored by the browser against the course URL (a bit like cookies are stored by a website). However, the variables are lost if:

  • The learner clears the browser cache
  • They resume using a different browser
  • They resume on a different device

But it works well for our clients AND the really nice thing is that the 'learning journal' is created from a pdf form template i.e. you can change the layout and content of the learning journal and, providing you use the same field names in the form sections, you don't need to change the JavaScript.



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