Creating 'Apps' with Rise


The strength of Rise for me is the truly responsive design.

I have just used it to create an 'app' for a toolbox of activities that people can use when facilitating meetings. The 'e-learning' contains no questions and is made up entirely of blocks.

When accessed from a mobile device (we use iPhones so I have not tested on Windows or Android) it is possible for people to save a link on their home screen. When they do this you can create your own icon that will appear, or have the default of a screen shot.

I learnt how to do this here:

I sized the icon .png in paint for the four sizes.

To make this work you then need to:

1. name the icon .png's as in the code (for example apple-icon-57x57.png) and add them in the same folder as the index file.

2. open the index file in notepad (or similar, but Word can be complicated) and add the html code from the link above after the title part at the beginning; see below for an example (only the first of the 4 html lines is shown:

<title>Facilitation Activities</title> <link rel="apple-touch-icon" sizes="57x57" href="apple-icon-57x57.png" /> 

Of course this is not a true app, and people need to be connected to the web site where the Rise output is, but for a few hours work (the information was already in a set of PP files) it produces a very stylish and useful job aid.


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Ian Blake

Hi, Sorry, this does not produce a real app that is accessible through the App Store, it produces a set of 'web' pages that are mobile responsive and when the link to them is saved by someone on a mobile device (or possibly some PCs) it has it's own icon.

I have not tried developing an app, and used this shortcut to avoid doing so.

I will be interested to hear if you can get and app from Rise!