Critical issue - Rise not consistently reporting xAPI completion statements to LRS

We are suffering data drop from our Rise courses. We have other courses on our site, but it's only the Rise courses that are a problem.

For some users, the passed statement is not being sent by Rise to the LRS. While at the same time it is working for others.

For affected users, Rise doesn't send passed at all for this content, even on trying multiple times with "Re Take quiz. The content shows it completed (if someone reopens the Rise course they can see their quiz score), but the passed statement is not sent to the LRS.

On restarting the quiz, by changing the registration ID and then completing the quiz, it sends the statements to the LRS as normal.

Is this a known issue? And what is the solution to resolve the issue, because many users are stuck, and there is no direct way to reset the progress and restart the quiz.

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Stuart Johnston

Hi All

We are experiencing this with our courses too.  In addition to 'completion' not being captured - we are also experiencing users reporting that after completing and logging back in - their progress has not been saved/is lost - in some cases users are having to start again.

Articulate support have tested the packages in SCORM cloud and reported no issues, prompted me to go back and deal with LMS provider who are pointing back to the package.

Ongoing issue for some time now - so worried to see other users reporting same issue!