Custom Font Letter Spacing

Aug 29, 2023


I’m using a custom font for a client in Rise and the spacing between words is really inconsistent. With certain words it looks like there is an extra space. I’ve tried addressing this by changing the font size in between the words to the smallest possible (12) but it still looks a bit off (see image). Any suggestions on how to address?

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Gren Foronda

Hi there!

Sorry to hear about the inconsistent spacing of your text in Rise when using a custom font.

To clarify, does this issue also occur when using one of the default fonts in Rise? How about another custom font?

Can you share with us the name of this custom font, and a copy of the font (if possible/available) so we may test this as well?

Does the same issue occur when viewing the Rise course with the custom font in different web browsers?

We're looking forward to your response!

Johnathan Poertner

I think I was able to determine what was happening here. I did not have a 'bold' version of my font loaded only a 'regular', and it seems like somehow Rise was 'auto-bolding' my font. Which I know makes no sense and doesn't seem possible, but when I added the regular font again to the 'bold' section in the custom font upload, it worked and looks perfect now! I can't explain what is/was happening here, but this fixed it for me now so I'm thrilled!