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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Nancy!

The best way for the designer to share the template with you is to follow these steps! How to Send a Copy of a Course to Other Authors

Once they send the copy to you, it'll appear on your own Rise 360 dashboard. However, there isn't a way to upload it to the Templates area. You can turn each lesson into a Block Template, though! Let me know if that helps!

Jaime King

New to using this software and I wanted to take a template layout that is available in the Content Library and upload it to Rise 360 - am I able to do that?  The template that I would like to use is Serenity.  If I am not able to upload and I have to use a preloaded template from Rise 360 is there one in there that is similar to the "Serenity" layout?  

Erica Goldberger

I understand there are Rise 360 templates and that users can create custom template blocks, but we have a huge need for custom templates. While there is the option to be able to duplicate a course, this creates a lot of issues in terms of template versioning and permissions.

Our team creates many courses and we want a consistent look. It would be great if we could share out a custom template that can be updated and maintained by certain individuals and used by others.