data privacy in embeded links

Jul 31, 2023

Hi everyone,

I have a privacy related question. In Germany, websites have to get users conset to set cookies etc. when they visit a site.

On out LMS we often use embeded YouTube videos. Problem is: YouTube already processes some personal data (like IP-address) when the script for the LMS site is loading - users donĀ“t have to click on the YouTube play button for that to happen. We solved this problem within our LMS with a two-click-solution: User first see a picture of the YouTube video and an information that their data will be processed with YouTube when they click the video. Only when they now click a second time on the video will their data be send to YouTube - but thats ok because now they know :)

Now my question: How does it work, when I insert a YouTube (or other) link in a Rise module? Will the user data be processed by the website in the link before the user clicks the link - just by loading the Rise script?

I hope someone maybe had a similar question before and can give some advice.



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Marlene! Thanks so much for your question!

Rise 360 loads the embedded web content as soon as the lesson containing the embed block is in is loaded.

If the embed link (like Youtube or other video players) begins tracking, then that data will be sent as soon as the lesson loads, as opposed to when the user engages with the embed block.

The data collected varies for each third-party site, and Rise 360 doesn't have any control over that.

Let me know if that answers your question!