Date expiry for Rise courses

Hi all,

I know there are numerous discussions on the forum about expiring content once it's gone past a certain date. All these discussions refer to the use of JavaScript, which we make use of in our Storyline courses, but I wanted to find out if anyone out there has figured out a way of expiring a Rise course?

As far as I'm aware, there isn't an option to include JavaScript in Rise and I'm not aware of any other way of doing it.

Just so that it's clear, we want to do this in the course files themselves and not the LMS because we don't have access to, or control, the LMSs that these courses will sit on - these courses are sold to clients who host on their own LMS.

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Brian Dennis

Javascript is the only practical way to connect your content with dates. I have wrapped content within an outer frame my clients control before providing to the LMS systems but that's a painful, problem-prone and costly solution. I strongly suggests clients avoid this path at every phase of their project.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ruth. It sounds like you'll be hosting this course on your own web server. You'll want to find out if your web hosting option offers any automatic disabling of content or if you'll need to just take it down after a year. There isn't a way to expire a course from the Rise 360 settings.

Ruth Mahoney

Hi Crystal,

I won't be hosting the course on our sever we are providing the web zip file to the client to use on their SharePoint site. Are there any other products I can wrap the Rise web course in to make it expire after a year? I tried SCORM Cloud Dispatches but that only works for SCORM zip files and my client needs a web zip file.