Default Padding Below Progress Bar Changed By Articulate Recently

Some of our developers noticed that the system padding below the progress bar in Rise courses had been changed in the past month or so. We had set our style guide up as such that we indicated that every first block being built in a course/chapter section should have '0' top padding. 

I worked with support and it was validated that this change indeed happened and was intentional. We've been part of the group wishing for a way to help negate or have a setting to control all the white space at the top of a section, and perhaps this system change was in efforts towards that. However, it would have been nice for the Articulate team to iterate this change in release notes or somehow to users. This impacts everyone and now requires my team to change the top padding on all first blocks of courses we're exporting out for consistency with past courses we've published. 

Below are screenshots of the same course, no changes made. One(old) is an export from earlier this year prior to the system shift in padding below the progress bar. The 'new' example is the same course exported yesterday with no changes on our end. You can clearly see the change in the spacing, I figured others might want to take a look at this if you were hugging the top as much as possible with your first blocks. It's much more impactful with Paragraph blocks at the top rather than Heading+Paragraph... but it's still apparent.

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