Deleting Video Clears Storage Space?

Feb 01, 2017

Good day all,

Just curious,  If I delete a video or two from my Rise Project, will that clear out space on my account?

Trying to decide whether to place videos internally or to link code and have it show on the screen.

Is there any advantage of one method over the other in terms of relative performance?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

Getting nervous that you're running out of space in your Articulate 360 account? 150 gb is a lot, so I can't imagine you'd be getting close to that yet - but this other forum discussion does a great job at breaking down what that may look like in terms of actual courses and helps put it in perspective. If you do start to get close to that storage capacity our team will reach out and help you with some options, I promise we won't just shut it down. 

I haven't seen a lot of community members debating the difference between the two video options, but I'd go with inserting directly into Rise to keep it as a seamless experience in terms of how the content will display inside the Rise set up, and then ensure it's going to work across all the devices vs. linking a user to external content. 

Let us know if you're seeing some general slowness or issues with your video files and Rise courses in general. Our team here in the forums is always happy to take a look or feel free to ping our Support Engineers directly. 

Michael Fimian

Thanks for the comments Ashley...

I was aware of the 150 GB allowance;  I just wasn't sure whether there was a performance difference. In terms of performance, I'd rather ask early on instead of using one method (linking) over the other (downloading and importing), then finding out I'd be better off using the other...

The reason being, I'm working on a STEM book on Mars, and it will feature hundreds of videos. Most are from NASA, and they're OK with linking to their material. It's a bit messier when downloading the videos (which they also let you do) and placing them in a text that may go commercial, even if it's only 1.99 per copy.

I develop in terms of both wired and wireless environments and frankly see little difference between the two.  The pages snap up quickly and videos appear very rapidly in both environments.

So, thanks Ashley!

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