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Mar 28, 2019

Hi everyone,

I am new to RISE 360.

Does anyone of you know how to disable the printing function for RISE 360? I've tested and somehow, I am able to print when I right click and choose print.

Thanks in advance!

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I think I've missed out in giving information on what I've asked earlier.

What I meant was that after I've uploaded the contents into the LMS as a SCORM package, I realized that when I access into the RISE created SCORM content, I could actually print the content. Unlike the contents published in Storyline, I could actually right click and print the content published in RISE 360.

Hope there's a way to prevent people from printing materials published by RISE 360.



Allison LaMotte

Hi Calvin,

I just tried this out on SCORM Cloud with both a Rise 360 and a Storyline 360 course and I was able to right-click and select print for both. I don't see any way of preventing this as there's no "prevent print" option in either tool. You could try checking with your LMS to see if that's something they offer.

After doing a quick Google search I did see something about using CSS to prevent people from printing a webpage, but that would involve modifying the published version of the course, which we don't support. That being said, if it's something that's extremely important to you, you could try and go down that path.

Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.

Phil Mayor

I don't think the flash content will print, but with that being deprecated then it is a moot point.

If you want to stop printing to prevent users steal the content, a user will always find away round this, such as taking screenshots or using their phone to photograph the screen. 

You should also be aware aware of the impact this could have on users who rely on printing websites (perhaps because they have poor vision and struggle reading on-screen text) and make decisions that will work for your site's audience. You should try your best not to make it difficult soft these users.

Knowledge Central .

Hi Allison,

I've tried on my end and I could not right-click on the portion where I have the SCORM content produced by Storyline 360. However, I was able to right-click for the content within Rise 360. That's something that I don't understand as I'm using the same LMS to do the test. I am using a platform known as iSpring. Maybe you could try it out to see if you could replicate the same?

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Hi Phil,

Thank you for the valuable tip on allowing people to print out the contents but in as much as I'd love to make it easier, my boss won't see it that way. Besides, in the business that I am in, having poor eyesight or poor vision or even struggling reading on-screen text is no excuse as they are required to have good vision/ eyesight. Otherwise, they won't be in the business.

I fully understand that if someone wants to copy/ print out something, they'd find ways and means to do it. However, on my end, at least I could do is to do the first step. That is to not allow them to use the right-click function, which is why I've posted to seek assistance, if, there's any solution to deal with this issue. :)

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