Disappointment of Rise new template functionnality

Feb 16, 2022

Hi Articulate team,

I was excited to see the new template functionality that was added, but I'm kind of disappointed...

I was expecting a way of creating my OWN templates (which could save me time) but it seems it's just a bunch of demo course I will never use.

Will the possibility to create your own template will come or are you done with the template functionnality ?

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Karl Muller

Hi Thibault,

Here is how we use templates.

As all of our Rise courses have the same common elements, we have created a course template that contains the elements all our new Rise courses should have.

This includes a custom Label Set, the landing page image and course icon, fonts, custom colors, as well as the navigation and export settings. We also have a standard Lesson that provides students with instructions. 

That is what our Rise course template looks like. When we create a new course, we copy the template, and then start building the course content.

When building the course content, we do not use the standard blocks at all.

We build our courses using only predefined block templates. These block templates have been formatted and styled to reflect our corporate colors and visual identity. So we insert the block templates, and then change the default text in the blocks with the actual course content.

Here is more information about Block Templates:  https://articulate.com/support/article/Rise-Creating-Sharing-and-Reusing-Block-Templates