Do screen readers announce an image within Rise if no alt text is added?

Jan 02, 2023

Hi All:)

I know that screen readers usually announce images or read the file name of the image if no alt text is applied. Is this the same behaviour for Rise and Storyline?

I'd like to check if we should be adding Alt = "" to each decorative image, or has Articulate 360 been set to ignore images if they do not have alt text?

Thank you

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Crystal Horn

Hi Zanel! To hide an image from screen readers when it’s decorative or doesn't add important context to your course, just add two double quotes ("") to the alternate text to make it null, and screen readers will skip it (don't worry about cover photos, we made it so that screen readers ignore them).

Otherwise, screen readers will announce that there is an image without any additional alt-text context. More details on alt text here!