Downloading Rise course for backup

Oct 08, 2018

Is there an option to download a Rise course to my computer and then upload it again to Rise in the future for editing? I am uncomfortable with the idea that I cannot keep a backup of my files. (I see there are some old discussions on this idea from about a year ago, and at the time there was no way to do this. But I'm curious what enhancements have been made in the past year.)

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Louis! 

Because Rise is a web-authoring tool, all of the editable content will stay online. All your Rise courses are stored in the site, and our Trust Center includes more detail on our storage, backups, and security. Do you have specific questions about how we back up and store your courses? 

If you're interested in keeping copies of your Rise course for a "just in case" scenario, you may want to look at the various options here to export the content. Ultimately you won't be able to export files and upload them back into Rise later, but all those export options would ensure you have a copy of your courses. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Louis,

I know it's stressful when you realize you deleted something by accident. Although we can't restore courses that have been permanently deleted, you can restore them from the Deleted Courses folder on your Rise dashboard. They'll remain in the Deleted Courses folder until you permanently delete them or restore them. Here's how to restore courses.

You can also restore deleted lessons using the Undo button that appears for a short time after deleting them. However, they can't be restored after the Undo button disappears. I've submitted a feature request to our product team on your behalf for a way to restore deleted lessons or return to an earlier version of a course. I'll let you know if it gets added to Rise.

As for a hacker, if someone was able to penetrate the Articulate 360 site from the backend and wreak havoc on your courses, our team would be able to rely on the backups created. If an individual is able to gain access to your account either by knowing/guessing your password or accessing your computer while it's already logged in I don't know the specifics of how we'd determine it wasn't you, but please reach out to our Support Team with any concerns if you think your account was compromised. 

Cindy Holland

We have been using Rise 360 since it was introduced. Although the folders and sorting functions of the backend help in organizing. We are finding that old project completed and archived from 2017 are not required to stay on the online system. We definitely don't want to delete them because modules usually get updated every 3-5 years. It would be great to be able to download a Rise 360 source file. That way in 3-5 years we could simply upload and make changes, without having to have our old items on the server just sitting there.

Paulo B

I have to agree with those who think that being able to download/upload Rise projects (even in a proprietary format) would be really useful.

The way it works now, it kinda feels like you don't own the content you create. The attitude of "you'll keep paying your annual subscription (in USD) for the rest of your life or lose your content" could be interpreted as a bit stand-overish - or do I have that wrong?

Darren McNeill

I want to add my comments to this. If we have a person in the organization with an Articulate 360 account and creates Rise courses that contain confidential content etc and then that person leaves the organization, or they change roles and no longer require Articulate 360, what is the process for us to get access to those Rise courses in order to manage and maintain them with a different user? This question came up recently and may cause us to stop using Rise if we lose access and control of courses.

Karl Muller

Darren, you will not lose access if other people in your organization have Rise accounts.

The person that created the Rise course can do two things:

  1. They can assign the course ownership to someone else in the organization that has Rise account.
  2. They can email a copy of the course to someone else 

If the person leaves without doing the above, the courses of which they were the owner can still be transferred to someone else.


Having the ability to download a simple version of your course, e,g, text and images (in a folder for each Lesson) is still a requirement for our organization. 

Martha Bowen

Hi Ashley,

Any updates on this request?

I've submitted a feature request to our product team on your behalf for a way to restore deleted lessons or return to an earlier version of a course. I'll let you know if it gets added to Rise.

From a maintenance/quality standpoint, we need to verify that we are starting with the published version of the course when we start to make updates. 

Also, we often have multiple people working on a single course, which increases the chance of accidental changes.

The option to return to a version as of a certain date, or recover accidental deletions, is becoming more important as we begin using Rise360 more heavily.

Erin Gibson

I am also looking for this feature. I am required by Records Management at our organization to have access to previous versions of courses (up to 5 years). Having an instructional file (not just exported published file) should be provided. Do we own our course content or does Articulate? I have enjoyed using Rise 360 for instructional a design and it is great for 'helpers' in the instructional development process but the lack of this feature is concerning.

Fatima Sadek

Hi Ashley and Alyssa, 

I am also very keen to receive the information regarding using Rise content in an offline mode on a tablet, because we have to deliver the courses we created on Rise to learners in remote areas with no internet connection. Can you please help with that?

We tried to download the zipped files on a tablet but it is just showing us a blank page.  


Karl Muller

Fatima, Rise does not have offline mode as such.

If you export your course for the Web, that should work on devices that are not connected to the internet.

You must unzip the file and maintain the folder structure. In the content folder use the index.html file to launch the course.

You would need to do this for each device.

Athena Huss

Just got the notice for the comment below @Alyssa Gomez. We do what you are mentioning but have a library of more than 300 courses and dedicated content management systems. It would be immensely helpful to have save and openable --to use the technical terms :-)--- files that we could store with our Rise courses. 

Jonathan Sam

That wouldn't work either. Let's say they send the course to me and then something sudden happens to me and the company can get to my course files. Also, after a contract is over, the contractor shouldn't have our proprietary content on their machine. The ideal is for RISE to provide some sort of zip file of all the raw course elements/file that can be archived (similar to how Storyline does it). It's a business security thing. I wouldn't be surprised if a similar requirement was in place for some highly regulated industries too.