Editing paragraphs around a table element

Jan 20, 2023

If I use the + quick-insert icon to the left of a blank paragraph to insert a table, I can edit the cells (sometimes). Most of the time the editing toolbar comes up when I select text, but after a while it stops appearing specifically only in the table editor, and I have to refresh the page to make the editing toolbar come up again.

The most frustrating thing is that I regularly get stuck trying to edit paragraphs either side of the table. There is no way to move a table - no cut/move/paste.

For instance, I'll often get a an empty paragraph above or below the table and there is nothing I can do to remove it - I have to recreate the table just to remove a blank line. It's pretty easy to replicate this:

  1. Create a text block
  2. Leave the default junk text in. Make a new paragraph after the first one.
  3. Use the quick insert to add a table.
  4. Remove the first paragraph
  5. You are now stuck with a blank paragraph before the table.


  1. Create a text block
  2. Add a line break after it
  3. Remove the text in the first paragraph and insert a table in its place.
  4. You are now stuck with a blank paragraph after the table.

If I haven't managed to plan my table by throwing down a couple of blank paragraphs before and after before I begin, I get stuck trying to insert a parapraph afterwards when I want one, and getting rid of the paragraph again when I don't want one.

To get a paragraph with the correct spacing after the table, I am supposed to be able to hover over the bottom line of the table and have a icon appear with a line-break icon, and click that to give me a new line. Having this icon actually appear when I need it to is exceedingly rare, about on-par with winning the lottery. I know it's supposed to be there, but it is a shy little icon. What I am currently having to do is insert a second text block after it, THEN edit the bottom padding of the block containing the table to remove the padding of that block THEN remove the top-padding of the subsequent block  all to make the spacing look like a regular paragraph. And then block fade-in makes the paragraph appear separately rather than just being part of the regular text.

Sometimes it's possible to create a paragraph after the table which I do sometimes through an accidental click, and then can't recreate when I want it to happen.

  1. Make a table on a blank line
  2. Move the mouse over the left-hand or right-hand vertical edge of the table and click-hold and drag a little bit.
  3. SOME of the time a paragraph magically appears below the table! And if it does appear, you're stuck with it.
  4. Hovering the mouse around the left-side of the table now occasionally brings up the quick-insert icon again on the same line. Rise gets pretty confused when you try to insert onto the same line again!

Tables are pretty buggy.

I would just like to be able to create or remove paragraphs on either side of a table in a consistently working fashion.

I find that the tips mentioned in https://community.articulate.com/articles/time-saving-tips-for-formatting-tables-in-rise-360 work about half the time and tend to cause the problem where the toolbar eventually stops showing when selecting text/cells (causing me to need to refresh the page to get formatting working again); so "time-saving" is a misnomer.

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