Editing Rise content on an iPad

Nov 16, 2016

Had a go at opening 360 on my iPad in attempt to edit content, it didn't work very well but i managed to do a few bits.

Will you be looking at being able to author rise courses using iPad?

Being able to take my rise course to a client and edit the content alongside them would save so much time and headaches!  


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John Mayfield

I also tried to edit a course on my iPad and it was painful.  You cannot add content to the lessons. Many of us work remotely and travel, so having the ability to create and edit content from our mobile devices would be very helpful.  

I am also a full-time speaker and presenter, and run most all of my presentations from my iPad Pro, so my laptop is left at home most of the time. 

I hope you will consider making this an option, as it would be GREAT to work on content while I am away from my office with my iPad.

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