Embedded MS Form in Articulate Rise

Oct 03, 2023

Hi, is it possible to make embedded MS Form mandatory in Articulate Rise?

I have added the check box to ask a user to confirm the completion of the form.

However a user can choose to check the box without completing the form.

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Angelo Cruz

Hello Anna! I understand you wanted to make your MS Form mandatory.

Since MS Forms are hosted externally, there isn't a way for Rise to determine if it was completed or not. This is why Continue blocks won't be able to tell that the embedded block is completed. 

You can check out the article below to learn more about the uses of Continue blocks in Rise 360. 

Rise 360: Control Course Navigation

Let me know if you have any questions.

Tim St. Clair

It doesn't seem that there's an easy way to know when a MS Form has been submitted. There doesn't seem to be any messaging being posted through the iframe when the form is submitted.

You might be able to get away with just blocking the user until they open the form, using the Continue button (complete block directly above). To do this, you can use Storyline. Add a slide with a button on it asking them to click to view the form. Make this button advance to the next slide. On the second slide, set a trigger to complete the course when the timeline starts / ends, and insert a "web object" with the url of the form (just go to the Collect Responses page and copy the link). Publish that to Review and embed it in Rise.

This isn't the greatest experience, you can't tell if the user has done the survey only that it opened. If you know your form would normally take 60 seconds to fill in, you could make slide 2's timeline to be 60 seconds long and complete the course on timeline end trigger. Again, a bit annoying to the user, but when you use these bespoke third party tools like MSForms you're stuck with the functionality they offer.