Embedded video interaction/block

Jul 23, 2022

Hi there!

I am busy dev'ing a course and started at look at the Embed function in Rise so that I can make use of interactive videos. The issue is, I can only upload an interactive video created on a specific site.

However, if I upload an embed code from for example Spott (which is an iframe code), it does not work. Keep getting an error message which you can see in the image I have uploaded. Why is this so?

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Angelo Cruz

Hi Preetha! I understand the video embed code you are using from Spott is not working. Have you tried the suggestions in this article on How to Fix Invalid Web Embed Code in Rise 360? Make sure that your embed code follows this formula.

If you continue to encounter the same issue, you may share the complete embed code privately by opening a support case here so we can further investigate. Our engineers are standing by and ready to help!