Embedding a Rise within a Rise

Dec 06, 2021

Good afternoon, 

I'm trying to embed a Rise (exported to web and hosted on our server) into another Rise. I used the embed block but when I add the iframe, it just says "Please enter a valid URL or iframe". Is embedding a Rise within another Rise not possible? 

Many thanks,


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Alex Geris

Hi there!
I am attempting to do this as well, and while in the "Edit" mode of my 360 the embedded course looks great and you can scroll through the embedded course without leaving the original course. However, in the "Review" mode for others to actually use the course, the course doesn't appear and shows a broken link, reading "rise.articulate.com refused to connect."  Is there a way to fix this? Here is an example of the code: <iframe src="https://rise.articulate.com/share/X7YFFkQ_Plt_87OpadLtHDE7NZvQxDyz#/"></iframe>

Any input you can offer is greatly appreciated.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Alex. I'm sorry, but we made an error in our last answer. You can no longer use the Rise 360 Share link to embed a course elsewhere, even in another Rise course. You'll need to host the Rise 360 course on your own server, and embed it from there.

You first mentioned that you did have the course hosted on your own web server. If so, do you have the URL for the course there? I can test to see if that works in a Rise 360 embed block.