Embedding Interactive captivate simulations in Rise 360

Jul 22, 2020

Is it possible to embed guided practice (Try Me simulation) developed in Adobe captivate 2019 in Rise 360?

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Sam Hill

Hi Anitha, if not done so already, you should post this in the Rise 360 forums (this is Storyline). 

I think you should be able to do what you want. I'm not so sure about the results you'll get though in terms of responsiveness.

There are ways you can embed files through and iframe, and you can also embed Storyline files too. Using the Web Object in Storyline 360 you'd be able to run a Captivate Try Me simulation.

I haven't tried this before, I know it is technically possible, but I would not know whether the end result would be a good solution for you.

Teresa Vanderpost

Hi there,

We are trying to do exactly that.  We have a web output Captivate interactive file.

https://moodlemedia.camhx.ca/Education/EDTriageQRDemo/index.html  and we want to embed into a RISE course, but not sure how to get the embed code.  If we just copy the url it comes up but with our server name and the video not showing until you click the server name.

I should have added this is what it looks like currently in RISE when we just put in the url in the embed block. https://360.articulate.com/review/content/92afc5b1-b878-48cc-9948-599b4fe48d88/review - click on the Quick Reg lesson and you will see a block that says camhx and then read more camh x, this is what populated when we did an embed block with the url.  The read more will link to the captivate interaction.

Lea Agato

Hi Teresa, it sounds like you’re having trouble with the embed code for your web content.  You can check out this article on how to fix an invalid embed code.  

I tried testing a simple embed code of your URL on this site,  but it wasn't working. You might want to check if the site where your web content is hosted allows embedding in an iframe.

Teresa Vanderpost

Thanks Lea, I will check out the article.  It is definitely possible that it may not allow it.

Since I don't know how to find the embed code, could you check this one for me.  This is another server I am allowed to use:  Any chance there is an embed code here?  If you don't mind of course. https://www.camhx.ca/education/online_courses/EDTriageQRDemo/index.html

I click on the link for the site you mentioned, but wasn't sure how to test it...sorry, not that techy...


Chino Navarro

Hi Teresa,

I tried using your link with two different embed codes, and they both refused to display the page. The error that I am getting is 'sameorigin'; this means the video can only be displayed within the same domain/website. The page will refuse to connect if you try to embed it to a different site, such as Rise 360.

Once you are done with the course, are you planning to export it for web distribution or LMS?


Teresa Vanderpost

It will go into RISE, zipped for our LMS.  I finally heard back from our Web Portal team, he says he doubts we can ever do this as the CAMH servers have strict security on them to prevent hacking....so he suggested I am best to do it the old fashioned with a link to just launch the url as this seems to work.  It is too bad as they look so nice embedded in RISE, but looks like not a RISE limitation but our own organizations server regulations.  Thanks to you and Lea for trying to help me out.  I love this forum!

2Training Loan

Here is where i think the articulate solution could go further, include a place to upload content for web linking/embedding. Where can it be more secure and easier to integrate then from Articulate servers where all the other course content is already uploaded? That would make the system highly compatible with other solutions. It would be the glue to that offer to combine  strength from others. For the best learning experience.