Embedding Videos in Rise

Mar 27, 2019

Is the embeddable player in Rise ad-enabled?  

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Julie,

By that do you mean to ask whether or not ads will be shown when a video with ads is embedded in Rise, If so, I wanted to let you know that I just tried embedding a YouTube video with an ad, and the ad did not play in Rise. I would suggest giving it a try on your end and seeing what happens.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Mallory  Kudrna

Hello Allison, 

Yes that is what I am asking.  In some commercial use terms and conditions they talk about an embeddable player that allows ads.  When I go to a video it seems like the adds are inconsistent.  Some are at the beginning and some are popups.  I did notice the attached popup which make me think the player was built to allow adds and I wanted to confirm this.  Do you have documentation on whether this functionality is add enabled or not?

For training that is not for profit it is unclear of whether you can embed a video or not.  Do you provide any direction on this?    

Mallory  Kudrna

Here, maybe a jpg will work.  No, that is not the issue.  We want the ads to be able to be played as it appears that is a requirement of commercial use of online videos.  

Can we create a training, embed, say a YouTube video, if we are not profiting from the training.  It is only for internal purposes.  

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