Expanding Charcter Limits in RISE Interactivity Features

Is there a way to increase the maximum characters allowed in quiz and interactivity features? Specifically Matching (quiz) and Flip Card (interactivity)?

If not, can you provide a list of the maximum characters allowed for each element within quizzes, interactivities, etc.? OR what workarounds have people used?



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Diana Myers

Hi All :-)

Popping in here to say that it would be REALLY helpful to expand the number of characters that can be added to a matching option.

We are translating some of our courses, and in some languages the translated text includes more words and results in having to rewrite the options to fit the available word count--none of which is ideal.

For example, I'm using the Matching block and the maximum character limit seems to be 90 characters; unfortunately, this isn't enough to display the 21 words in my translated text. Now I'm left with the option of creating an image based on the full text (not great if edits have to be made in the future) or going back to our linguist to see how we can shorten the translation without losing any of the original meaning.  

Thanks for your time and consideration!