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Kim Gould

So, Rise no longer supports framing, which I wish I had known before I paid for another year. So you need a pro plan with Thinkific, and rather than just sharing via the rise url you now have to upload the zip web file as multi-media content.

Secondly, I'm having issues uploading the rise zip folder as suggested by this article: https://support.thinkific.com/hc/en-us/articles/360050381793-Can-I-use-Rise-360-share-links-within-Multimedia-Lessons-

I'm getting an error message saying the zip folder must include a html file. I've redone the zip file so there isn't the extra layer of folder, and still the same issue. I'll see if thinkific can help me, their support is usually excellent. 

Masia Goodman

I found out how to do this! The problem is that the html file is in the subfolder called "content" so thinkific is unable to access it. Here's the work-around:

  1. export your course for web
  2. open the zipped file that it creates
  3. open the "content" file and extract everything
  4. select all those files (that you just extracted) and rezip them together
  5. save that newly zipped file somewhere accessible
  6. upload that new zip file as a multi-media lesson.
Masia Goodman

Hi Maria, Sorry that I'm just now seeing this! Basically, you have to get everything out of the content folder. So extract all files/folders in the Content folder and then zip it in it's own folder. That way Thinkific is able to find the "Index" file--which it cannot find when it is one folder deep. I hope that helps!