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I recently exported a Rise course to PDF. Within the course there is an Attachment block with 5 attachments. The PDF retains the links which all work. The PDF will be uploaded to our LMS for over 30k users to access.

As users access the PDF from our LMS, the users will click the links for the attachments. The attachment links point to the rise course on the Articulate Content server. I'm assuming this is OK? There's no issue with the links pointing to the course on Rise 360?

I hope this makes sense. 

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Crystal Horn

Thanks for checking in, Kathryn. I'm sharing our VPAT which specifies that PDF exports of your Rise courses don't preserve accessibility information at this time.

We're continuing our accessibility enhancements, and our VPAT and accessibility journal will be the best place to get updates about new improvements. 

Nanci Laroche

Not sure if this is the best spot to post this question but it is related to PDF export. We have a Rise 360 course that uses the flashgard grid. When exported into PDF some of the grids cross over 2 pages and the text on the backside does not fully display as a result. Is there anyway to ensure content does not split across 2 pages  (text blocks function properly)?

Caryn Carman

Also, somewhat hijacking this thread to ask if there's a way to embed an export button into a Rise course that learners can click to get a dynamic PDF export of the current course. My concern with a static, embedded PDF of the course is the risk of not updating that file when tweaks are made to the course. Any suggestions welcome!



Karl Muller

Learners cannot dynamically create a PDF from a course. 

We have a large number of courses that are republished quarterly. 

Every time we republish a course, we create a new version of the PDF as well and upload the PDF to our LMS.

One of our larger courses creates a 900+ page PDF, so not quick to make any manual changes.