Export to XLIFF 2.0 File in Rise

Sep 25, 2020


Is there a plan to update Rise to export XLIFF 2.0 files? My translation vendor will be requiring this version. 

Thank you!



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Gillian Ackroyd

Hi Nancy, Stephanie,

Our translation vendor told us that they will always be able to work with XLIFF 1.2 or 2.0 when we asked. However, as they have their own RISE account we now just send them the course for translation and tell them what languages we want. They take care of everything and simply send us back a fully translated course to our RISE account, including all the course assets (images / video, voice etc). I would drop the director an email if you are struggling nick.briggs@compass-translation.com

All the best 


Angelo Cruz

Hello Nathan! I understand your translated file is not uploading to your Rise course.

Are you importing it back to the same course it was exported from? I'm not familiar with the DeepL translating software, but did it translate any of the HTML tags from your exported XLIFF file?

If you still need help with importing your translation into Rise, I would suggest sharing your XLIFF files with our support engineers by opening a case here. They will be able to take a closer look and find out the possible cause of why it's getting stuck.

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David Arndt

I'd also be interested in seeing XLIFF 2.0/2.1 export options. XLIFF 2.0 has been around for almost 10 years now.

I'm especially interested as DeepL only support XLIFF 2.1.


Same for us. Our company needs an update to 2.1 due to DeepL requirements. Are there any plans today for replacing your 15 year-old version?

Thor Melicher

Hi David,

While you wait to hear back from Articulate, I have a solution available now that uses DeepL to translate Rise 360 XLIFF 1.2 files.  Your workflow shouldn't change much as you'll still export the XLIFF from Rise 360, get a translated file back, and then import back into your Rise 360 course. You can also translate Storyline 360 files using DeepL with this solution, too.

If you would like more information, please let me know by either a private message or reach out to me on LinkedIn (usually the best as sometimes I don't get private messages from the forums).


Thor Melicher

Hello Marcel and Willem -

I would like to share my solution here but that would be considered self-promotion according to the forum rules.  In the meantime Marcel, I did send a response to your message.  If you didn't receive it, would you please check your spam folder or reach out to me via LinkedIn?  Thank you!