Exporting text data from Rise 360 to LMS

May 17, 2020

Hi I want my users to complete a number of text boxes in Rise 360 and I want to access their answers in LMS. How can I make this possible? I know I can use SL block, but if I create a SL block will it report the text data to LMS? Is there a way to get this done? I keep reading that Rise 360 SCORM export does not push data from an SL block... 




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Crystal Horn

Hello, Jake. While you can include a Storyline block with text entry, you're right that the text won't be reported to your LMS. Rise 360 doesn't include a text entry or survey-style block currently, but it's a feature we're tracking for consideration.

As an alternative, you can capture learner text via a Google Form or other 3rd party survey tool embedded in a Rise 360 lesson using the Multimedia > Embed block.

Euan Hill

Hi Jakub,

We've built free-text entry boxes in Storyline which, through javascript, are able to send the inputs back to the LMS to be exported/reported on later.

Let me know if this is what you're after and I'll see if I can share the information from our Development team.

All the best,