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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Anthony,

You can copy and paste the text from a quiz question/answer and create a new question, and you could duplicate an entire quiz, but there isn't an option yet to copy/duplicate an individual question. It sounds like the last piece is what you're looking for, so I can share that idea with my team! 

André Loiselle

Hey guys... I will need to create a quiz with 53 questions using the same 14 multiple choice answers... Copying and pasting answers would be a charm. Now it seems like a headache. :'(  Also, could questions be placed in the templates for re-usage? I know I could do individual questions in a Lesson... But I would loose all the final evaluation benefits. Thanks!

André Loiselle

Hi again Allison. This may be only one out of many possible approaches : It could also be like Moodle's question bank. Where you can duplicate the same question and modify it to create a new one. Then the quiz could permit to import questions from the bank or copy them in the bank. :) With a bank, the questions in the quiz could be randomized: like 'take 10 out of 20' of the saved questions (which would become a new functionality). Anyhow, it's just an idea. ;)