Feature requests for Rise

I've just completed my first course in Rise and loved it.  So easy to use and looks great. 

I was hoping to see a few features added that I think will create a better learning experience.

  • The ability to decide which activities are included in the tracking when exporting as a SCORM. 
  • Add an option for correct and incorrect feedback in the knowledge check?
  • Add an option to remove the 'Take again' button in the knowledge check
  • Ability to move block sections to other area in the course so you don't have to rebuild
  • The markers on the labelled graphics to have a 'visited' selector


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Michael Bauer

I second that for the labelled graphics to have a visited state! I have already requested this (Feature Request Number: 01219469) so hopefully this is added to the list of improvements in the future.

Regarding moving blocks, as a work around, click the three dots next to Edit Content and duplicate the block, then delete the stuff inside that you don't need anymore in this new screen.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Sasha for listing those out and Michael for submitting yours here!

We love feature requests and conversations about what you need in Rise, Storyline and the rest of Articulate 360 to make course design effortless and beautiful -- so keep them coming! 

Here's a bit more about how a feature makes the roadmap, and you'll see we promote some upcoming features on our “What’s New” page.

Michael Steckman
Michael Bauer

Thanks for the reply Adam!

It would be great if we could perhaps choose the colour of the glow, or the colour that it shows when you click it stays that way to clearly indicate it has been viewed.

Just FYI, I'm with "my fellow Michael" in being able to adapt the glow/no-glow because it's far too subtle. I've been using Rise almost two years now, and I had to read this thread to discover it ceases once visited ... glad to hear per Leslie's response that it's been added as part of the feature requests ... thanks, Michael! :)