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Jack Ding

Hello Wendy,

Thank you for your quick feedback.
Yes, I've already changed the number, but it's not because, but with "Reveal Answers", there I can not change, the correct answer shows after each question, I do not want that, but after a second attempt. It would be nice if you can also set Quiz Retries, see attachment.

Crystal Horn

Hi, Jack. It sounds like you'd like to reveal the correct answer only when the learner has used all of their quiz attempts. That's not possible right now.

Question feedback will always include the correct answer, but we're tracking a request to separate the answers from the feedback. I'll let you know if we make any changes.

Jack Ding

Hallo Kristall,

Thanks for your answer, I mean that the right solution should not appear immediately after the first attempt, otherwise a new attempt makes no sense, because the solution can be seen already.
Incidentally, the button "try again" should only show the wrong answer answered questions, if already correctly answered, what do you need to repeat.

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