Feedback Welcome! First Rise course...

Feb 01, 2017

Greetings, Heroes!  I'm hoping for some feedback on my first attempt at a Rise course.  First, this is the first iteration and will be used at this stage as part of my friend's PhD project. From there, it will be enhanced at a later date (some sections are a little lean right now - that will change) and used as a professional resource.

Anyway, any design/development feedback is welcome!

Thanks, Jeanne

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Congrats on your first Rise course! I love the way you were able to incorporate different lesson and block types which was good for a lot of variety and to keep my interest. I also liked the green box at the bottom of each lesson with the reminder of additional next steps so that the user could always go directly there when ready. 

Melissa Jordan

Wow, what a nice job! I really liked the multimedia - the video and "stories" you can listen to helped make me feel engaged. I also liked the colors and graphics.

I can tell a lot of hard work went into this, and I think you did a great job using the different blocks - the content was visually interesting. It was also nice that you ended with some "action items" that can be next steps going forward.

The only thing that threw me at first was having the little box at the bottom of each section with the links. To me, it felt like it would fit better at the end, but I can see how you might want it readily available multiple times.

Jeanne Bernui

Thanks to you both!  And, I agree about the call to action box... my friend's feeling, however, was that since this is informational and someone may not complete it through to the end, he wanted it on every lesson.  I'll share this feedback, though, and see if multiple designers with the same opinion have any impact:)

Thanks again for taking the time to look!


Brooke Schepker

Hi, Jeanne!  I hope this finds you doing well!  I really enjoyed the course as well...loved your use of the various building blocks Rise has to offer.

One suggestion from me is to be consistent and carry the bolding of important phrases and keywords throughout the course.  For example, in the first section, you've bolded the words "humans are aspirational."  Love this effect...for busy readers, we can peruse the content for the bolded (i.e., important text) to get the gist.  In the Stories section, I would bold "All leaders need to vent."  When you get to the PERMA section, those markers have quite a bit of text, so using bolding can really help break it up.

Hope this helps!

Jeanne Bernui

Thanks, Brooke!  That's great feedback. This sometimes went a few weeks without me working on it while I waited on content and edits, and clearly lost sight of how I was formatting some of the content.  I agree that the PERMA text boxes are too long.  One thing I'm hoping we can do with the next iteration is to replace some (or all ) of the text with short video clips. Bolding is a good solution though so thanks again!  I appreciate your time:)

Jeanne Bernui

Thanks, Destery. It was a different approach for me because the tool is so different from Storyline. But, I think it was a good thing because it made me think outside my usual process - I've used Storyline for so long that some design choices become rote, and when those design solutions aren't available in Rise, it forces me to really think about what's being communicated and how to best utilize Rise for that. Because this course is really meant to be an informational resource, I think Rise was the perfect tool for it. 

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