Feint line under cover image

Mar 07, 2024


I have just come across a problem with the cover image in the Apex theme in Rise360 that I haven't seen before. 

My cover image has a feint grey line under the image (see attached) that I don't seem able to remove. I have tried different screens and added _NOPROCESS_ to the file name, but nothing is working. It happens with all images in that orientation in that theme. 

Has anyone else come across this and know how to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

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Jose Tansengco

Hi Kelly,

Sorry to hear that you ran into this issue. Would you mind sharing a copy of the image file that you're using for your cover so we can test the behavior? Alternatively, you can reach out to our support team by opening a case here and we'll be glad to take a look at your Rise 360 course in its entirety to see if have any fixes available that we can share. 

Kelly Davies

Hello, thanks for your response. In my case, I am not using an image file for the cover. My cover is just a single colour using the Apex theme. When I increase the length of the course title the line disappears. But there is a line appearing when I decrease the length of the course title to between 1-3 words. 

Apex theme, line error 

Eric Santos

Hi Renae and Kelly,

Sorry for the trouble with the unwanted line. I appreciate you sharing the screenshot and the image! The good news is that I do not see that issue in my tests using the latest version of Google Chrome.

Apex theme screenshot with no line issue_1

Apex theme screenshot with no line issue_2

If you're already using the latest version of a supported browser, please try clearing your browser cache and see if it helps. If the issue persists, could I have you connect with us in a case so we can determine what's happening? We'll reach out soon after we hear from you.

Phil Foss

Shoo shoo feint line! I show you how to replicate and fix this issue of Rise in Five with Phil.

Here's the code to fix below, you could create a Theme Component to add to your course until a fix is deployed. I'll be keeping an eye on the codebase, start your timers.

.organic .cover--layout-left .cover__header-content::after,
.organic .cover--layout-left-overlay .cover__header-content::after {



Renae Flegg

Thanks so much, Phil. Adding bottom at -1px worked a treat. But as soon as I navigate away from the home page, it reappears. 

Thanks for picking up my spelling mistake ;) Feint is a word, but not the meaning I meant!

And controversial... I love the Apex theme :) I also use the Rise theme a lot too. The one I have never warmed to is Horizon. 

Thanks again for the very helpful video. 

Phil Foss

Renae, apologies I totally thought that was a regional spelling like color/colour, we have such a diverse community here. This is a recent video where I show how to add a Theme Component (css file) to your exported SCORM package. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbLjv4mkuA8

It is for a different css issue but the steps are the same. Let me know if those instructions work for you, otherwise I'll do a recording with this specific example.