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CCCC Training Centre

I would also like to throw my name in the hat for this feature - It's going to be quite necessary, as we are using rise to create individual lessons, which are then compiled into our LMS. This means that our upcoming launch of 6 courses could have as many as 30 Rise "courses". This can be helped by having techinical naming conventions, but the name of the course would appear on the user-side as well.

April Long

Hi! I just created a course that has 36 weeks and lessons in each week. Could I put all of those week folders under 1 folder name? For example, 2nd Grade Science would be the main folder. When you click on 2nd Grade Science, you can open the folder to view the 36 weeks of lessons. This would allow me to organize better as I have several more courses to put in Rise. BTW Rise is such an awesome program! 


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Carolyn,

When a course is shared with you for collaboration you should have a folder automatically created labeled Shared with me, as shown below. All the courses shared with you will appear in the All Courses and Shared with me folders: 

If a course has been sent to you as a Copy - you'd be able to move that one into a new folder of your choice.