Font on title page of RISE course

Feb 28, 2022


Is there a way to change the font on the very first page (course title / menu page) of a RISE course? We would like to change it to match the font we are using throughout the rest of the course.

Many thanks for any help,


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Marcel Reinert

Unpack the downloaded package. There you will find the "main.bundle.css" in the "lib" folder. Open it with a text editor.

The font used for the chapters and headline on the first page is Lato. You can also search for the font family "lato" directly in the document. Theoretically you could change the font here. I'm playing around with it right now to adjust the menu blocks to our font. I haven't had any success with "search and replace" yet. But the css is responsible for the styling. I'm not an HTML designer, so this is still try and error for me. :)

After the changes just save the css and let the browser open the index.html in the package. Then you see directly the changes. If it was successful, you just have to zip everything again and upload it to the LMS. Good luck!