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Jun 01, 2018



I have a client who uses two core fonts but not in the typical way. In this case they us the same font for Heading and body but they use the second font for subheadings. Is there anyway RISE can facilitate this, as currently my sample does not look on brand.

Button shape:

Is it possible to change the button shape to hard edges instead of current rounded ones.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ann.  Thanks for sharing your needs.  Because Rise is built for rapid authoring of responsive courses, we've designed a lot of the formatting for you.  It sounds like this doesn't quite match your needs for branding, though.

As you've noticed, Rise can set a Heading and a Body font, and the buttons are always rounded.  Could you consider using Storyline for a completely customized build?  Your choices are virtually endless when it comes to formatting!  It might take a little more work on the front end, but I think you'd appreciate the level of control over the details of your output.

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